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If you DO NOT have your own website in 2019, you’re wrong!3 min read

Did you know?, In 2019, “web presence” is a critical part of storytelling, and majority of your audience will first discover you ONLINE.

When it comes to establishing your web presence and brand identity, your website is as important as (in most cases, more important than) your social media platform.


You need design control

I think it’s safe to say that social media equals generic profiles plastered with ads and other distractions. With your website, you create a design that suits your vibe and functions the way you need it to. Plus, the layout wouldn’t change unexpectedly. (For example; Facebook and Updates are inseparable).

 You need to own your audience relationship

As mentioned above, social media platforms come and go, whereas, your website is here to stay. When a visitor to your website provides their contact information, maybe by subscribing to your business email list, you own that relationship (Also, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are helpful in generating leads). Afterward, you decide how and when you communicate with your audiences.

You need to create a rewarding user experience

For example, Facebook wants users to click on paid aids for smartphones, laptops, shoes, etc. They want their users to play Mafia Wars and Farmville- which could be annoying sometimes. This is how they pay bills and shareholders. On your website, you call the shots. You can create a rich experience that feels more focused, personal, and clutter-free, it’s solely up to you.

You need your own Dot Com

In today’s world, everyone sees and desires to be identified with a particular brand, in one way or the other. How about being that brand, by way of telling the world; Who you are, What you stand for, and What you stand against?, in simple terms, HAVING YOUR OWN VOICE on your website.

I think it’s easier to say and remember, “xyz.com” than “facebook.com/xyz”. Also, which do you think Google is likely to rank when users search? Owning your domain name keeps things simple for you and your audience. Plus, you don’t want someone else dragging that URL. Oh, you really don’t. Your website is an Automated Business

Yes, every website is an automated business that can generate daily revenue for you as a web publisher/blogger. This process is called “Monetization” and it’ll interest you to know that Plugstuck Ent. has qualified, trained, and experienced hands who can get you started. We helped lindaikejisblog.com optimize her daily Google Adsense revenue.                                                                                                               

In summary, your website is like a train station, the HUB for all your online content. Think of your website as your central headquarters where you’ll house most of your original content, blog posts, tour diaries, interviews, music store, interviews, etc, and from this hub, you’ll “push content out” to your satellite offices – your social media profiles.



Emeka Collins Obilor


Emeka Collins Obilor, fondly called ECO, is a Professional Blogger who has worked at Africa’s pioneer blog, lindaikejisblog.com as, LIS Content Creator, and Google Advert Analyst helping to optimize Google Adsense revenue.

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