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Caih Group Sponsors 12 Participants in ‘We Are Coding 2022’ with a Grant of $1,200, promises to Invest in Plugstuck and her community, Plugstuck Connect (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Caih Group is a Real Estate, Construction, Fabrication, and Sand Dredging Company, currently selling fantastic and state-of-the-art 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom terraces in Ajiwe, Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria. Emeka, your team should brainstorm, create a marketable software product that solves a real life problem, and let me know once this happens, my company is willing to invest. – Kayode Olorunfemi, MNSE, MEng (Lond.), CEO Caih Group. This means, for anyone reading this and interested in getting started as an IT professional in ‘We Are Coding 2022 – WAC2022’,…

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#WAC2022 We Are Coding 2022 Web 2.0 

How To Get Started at ‘We Are Coding 2022’ to earn as an IT professional (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

WAC2022! We Are Coding 2022! Short Story. In February 2022, a Digital Agency in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria, reached out to us for a training partnership. I quickly told Peter Collins, our Chief Technical Officer, a meeting was fixed and the deal sealed. A few weeks later, this company reneged, as they didn’t see what we were seeing. We saw the entire Africa, starting from the grassroots in the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria, being empowered with the basic Internet and Tech. (IT) skills needed to survive. However, seeing Plugstuck…

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