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Start out as ‘Water’ but Grow into ‘Diamond’.2 min read

Diamond or Water?

People will first buy into YOU, before they buy into what you have to offer.

In 2020, is your relationship, job, business(es), services, or products, in the phase of diamond or water?

I personally believe your business, the service you render, your relationship, and even the product you sell, is first of all, a REFLECTION OF YOU.

Furthermore, you are a reflection of the kind of information you’re exposed to on a daily basis. This goes a long way to affect HOW you talk, think, and the kind of products you produce. Because, information is knowledge and this knowledge is power.

Now, pay attention to these statistics from https://wealthygorilla.com/, as this piece will be short and resounding.

Rolls Royce Sweptail ($13million), Mercedes Benz Maybach Exelero ($ 8 million), and Bugatti Divo ($5.8million), in a recent review by Wealthy Gorilla, are the most expensive cars in the world. They rarely do television commercials or online adverts, at least none that is seen in recent times.

However, because of the level of information, the manufacturers possessed before the production of these “machines”, they “stand out as diamonds amongst other precious stones”. That’s why premium customers and elite brands, patronize them. Think about it.

The above submission also applies to the most expensive watches in the world, as well as other products of value. These guys offer such great value, their prices are “insignificant” to buyers during purchase.

In conclusion, I ask again, as in my title, are you a diamond or water?. Diamond is the most expensive in comparison to Gold and Silver. It has the GREATEST VALUE amongst precious stones and is also scarce in supply, while water is everywhere around us.


Emeka Collins Obilor


Emeka Collins Obilor, fondly called ECO, is a Professional Blogger who has worked at Africa’s pioneer blog, lindaikejisblog.com as, LIS Content Creator, and Google Advert Analyst helping to optimize Google Adsense revenue.


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