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Plugstuck Afrik is a subsidiary of Plugstuck ENT.

Since 2017, our blogs have been providing value in both Technology and Personal Finance niches.

We had about 2yrs. blogging experience at Linda Ikeji’s Blog (Africa’s No.1 Blog, with an over $40 million net worth as of 2021, according to The360Report).


1. Guest Posts – $121.20 (Monthly Placement)
2. Link Insertion (in the existing article) – $133.33 (Monthly Placement)
3. Banner at the header – $222.22 (Monthly Placement)
4. Sponsored Posts – $161.49 (Monthly Placement)


1. Money-Back Guarantee after 30-Days from the Time of Request.
2. Advert Performance will be made available upon request.
3. Price Negotiation is Applicable pending advert duration.
4. Terms and Conditions Apply.
5. Open to Partnership Request and Brand Promotion.


Call/WhatsApp – +234 907 643 8394

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