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How To Get Started at ‘We Are Coding 2022’ to earn as an IT professional (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

#WAC2022 We Are Coding 2022 Short Story. In February 2022, a Digital Agency in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria, reached out to us for a training partnership. I quickly told Peter Collins, our Chief Technical Officer, a meeting was fixed and the deal sealed. A few weeks later, this company reneged, as they didn’t see what we were seeing. We saw entire Africa, starting from the grassroots in the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria, being empowered with the basic Internet and Tech. (IT) skills needed to survive this 21st century. However,…

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The value of digital products and why YOU should learn a programming language like Jack Dorsey – Twitter, our case study (AUDIO/VIDEOS)

Did you know? Jack Dorsey, though enterprising, had a speech impediment. Whoever told Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and creative programmer at the time, that his digital product – Twitter, launched in 2006, will be bought for $44bn (forty-four billion dollars) in 2022, would likely have to convince him enough to believe this. According to Global Tech Talent Trends 2022 by our partners in Europe, landing.jobs, (see video below) Plus, in 2020, over two billion people worldwide purchased products and services online, with sales totaling over $4tr (four trillion dollars)…

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